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Training Operations

Protexia1 Security Group LLC™ is more thanjust a security company. We offer a full line of training services that are custom fit to our client’s needs.

Protexia1 Security Group LLC™ Training Division offers a wide range of cost effective training opportunities to local businesses, schools, and private citizens. All of our training officers are Certified Counter errorism Specialists. All training can be completed at your location, our location, or the training can be set up at an alternate location. We schedule the training around our client's specific needs and timetable.

All training material and props are provided by Protexia1 Security Group LLC™.

Upon completion of any of our training programs; a certified instructor will issue a certificate of training to all in attendance.

List of training services offered:

Counter terrorism training

The importance of training:
In every specialized security domain, the security solution heavily relies on the human element. While physical and technological security measures are important components in security systems, particularly with the rapid pace in which security technologies are being developed, the security manpower element remains of critical significance. Even the most sophisticated set of physical barriers and technological sensors in most cases only delay the advancement of a determined adversary, and do not necessarily prevent the attack itself.

The security unit must be well-trained in the implementation of the appropriate response, as dictated by the security procedures devised for each attack scenario, in order to ensure that the individual or facility, as the case may be, remains secure at all times.
The proven effectiveness of Protexia1 Groups training programs is the result of its unique combination of broad theoretical knowledge, continuously updated information concerning developing threats, changes in adversaries’ Modus Operandi, and the years of operational expertise and experience accumulated by the trainers themselves. The training programs are based on the Israeli army (IDF) model, and adapted to each specific trainee population and the security tasks it has been assigned.

All training programs can be conducted either at the client’s site (provided the facilities required for the specific courses are available) or at the facility in Israel.

Pennsylvania Permit To Carry class / NRA Basic Pistol (First Steps)

Protexia1 Security Group LLC™ offers a cost effective training class for individuals interested in the Pennsylvania Permit To Carry. This class will meet or exceed the training requirements for the Pennsylvania Permit To Carry as well as qualify individuals for their NRA Basic Pistol (First Steps) certificate.

 Topics Covered in the training:

  • Four Main rules of Firearm Safety
  • Handgun Safety Procedures
  • Handgun Operation and Parts
  • Parts of A Revolver
  • Handgun Actions
  • Parts of A Semi-Automatic
  • Firearm Selection
  • Ammunition
  • Ammunition Malfunctions
  • Fundamentals of Shooting A handgun
  • Proper maintenance
  • Safe Storage

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim®

Refuse To BE A Victim® is NRA’s award winning personal safety and crime prevention program. Created by the women of the NRA in 1993. Refuse To Be A Victim®, is a four hour crime prevention seminar, presents a variety of information to help you take a pro-active role in personal safety.

A few of the topics to be covered in the seminar

  • Automobile Security
  • Workplace Safety
  • Technological Security
  • Travel Security
  • Home security
  • Personal Security
  • Personal Protection Devices

$50.00 per student

Upcoming Course Dates: To Be Announced

  • Women’s Defensive Tactics

The Women’s Defensive Tactics training course is an Protexia1 Security Group LLC™ trademark training program. This three hour hands on course is designed strictly for women, to give them the mindset and skills to get out of almost any situation.

Topics and Skills covered in the Women’s Defensive Tactics course

  • What to do if ATTACKED from behind
  • What to do if ATTACKED from the front
  • What to do if an ATTACKER has you on your back
  • What to do if an ATTACKER is choking you
  • What to do if an ATTACKER pulls a knife on you
  • What to do if an ATTACKER pulls a gun on you
  • What to do if an ATTACKER tries to pull you into a car
  • Proper use of OC Spray (Mace)
  • One Mind Any Weapon
  • Steps you can take to keep yourself safe

$50.00 per student

Please call 630-733-8328 for group Discounts.

Upcoming Course Dates: To Be Announced

Women’s Advanced Defensive Tactics


The Women’s Advanced Defensive Tactics course is a 9 hour training course that is broke up into three days. This is the most advanced and indebt training class offered by Protexia1 Security Group LLC™. This training course combines everything taught in the Women’s Defensive Tactics Course, Pennsylvania Permit To Carry Course, NRA Basic Pistol (First Steps), and the Women’s Handgun Orientation Course. If you are looking for confidence, the feeling of security, and steps to protect yourself in any situation, this is the course for you.

Below is the list of what will be covered each day in the training course.

Day 1 (3 hours)


  • NRA Basic Pistol (First Steps)
  • Firearms Safety

Day 2 (3 hours)

  • Women’s Defensive Tactics

Day 3 (3 hours) Range Day

  • Women’s Handgun Orientation Course

$300.00 Per Student


Upcoming Course Dates: To Be Announced


 Handgun Orientation Course


This is a four hour course that is designed for people that have little to NO experience firing hand guns. The course will start out with Basic Hand Gun Safety and Handling, and will end with a live fire exercise on the range. Every one in the course will have the opportunity to fire up to 50 rounds of ammunition through the following handguns

  • .22 Cal
  • 32 Cal.
  • 380
  • 9mm
  • .40 Cal
  • .38

If you’re thinking about getting a permit to carry a weapon, or just want to know how to use a handgun for home protection this is the course for you.


$175.00 per student


Upcoming Course Dates: Friday May 4th 5:30 - 7:00 P.M.


Active Shooter at the Work Place (What To Do To Stay Alive)
With the ever increasing threat of Disgruntle employees or family members of employees showing up at your business with a firearm, the Active Shooter Threat has never been higher. This is a 2 hour class that will cover what you need to know to stay alive during an active shooter incident at your workplace.

Topics Covered:

  • What is An Active Shooter
  • Active Shooter Case Studies
  • Warning signs to look for
  • What to do during an Active Shooter Incident
  • What to tell the 911 operator
  • What to do when the Police Arrive

Price is determined by the size of the group.

Protexia1 Security Group LLC™ offers group discounts for large groups interested in taking any of the training above. We also offer a discount for pre-registration for any of the above training.All training classes can be paid for by Credit Card, Check, or Cash.

Private Lessons can be set up upon request.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
-Benjamin Franklin

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