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Custom Solutions for Maximum Results

Every client's security and personnel protection needs are different, Protexia1 Security Group provides a wide arrange of services which can be custom-configured to fit your particular needs and situation. We don't believe in a “one size fits all” formula. We assess each client's particular situation and reassemble the following packages below to give you the specific service mix aimed at helping you meet your security goals.

Armed /Unarmed Uniform Security Officers

Schools, Houses of Worship, Banks, Construction Sites, Estate Protection, Front Desk/ Door Greeter Services, Gated Communities, Loss Prevention, Fire Watch, Hazardous Material Protection, Chemical Plants, Asset Transportation and Courier Services, Strike Line Security , Hostile Termination Services and many more services for your protection.

Our Armed and Unarmed uniformed security officers are highly trained and dedicated to security. Protexia1 Security Group prefers the following qualifications for our Security Officers:

- Extensive background check
- Drug Screening
- Extensive in house training program
- First Aid CPR Certification through the American Red Cross
- Former Military or former/ current Law Enforcement

Patrol Services / Door Check and Lock /Alarm Response

Protexia1 Security Group offers reliable and affordable patrol services. Our security officers protect and lock up your business around the clock.  Patrols are available Day, Evening, or all 24 Hours - scheduled to ensure that your doors and building remain secure. We offer quick alarm response to your location at reasonable rates. Our patrol cars are clearly marked Private Security. Patrol cars are also equipped with a light bar. One of the systems that sets Protexia1 Security Group apart from the competition is our on-board computer system and internet access. Our patrol officers can send a direct report to the client of any incident. Each car is equipped with a guard tour system that enables us to provide a detailed report as to the time and day a patrol car is at their location.

Special Events Staffing
Concerts, Street Parties, Weddings, Trade Shows, School Events, Sporting Events and many more services.

Protexia1 Security Group offers a cost-effective and professional option for special events planners. All of our Special Events Security Officers must complete the same training requirements as our armed and unarmed security officers. In addition to the special events security officers, we include a Special Events Security Manager that has completed the U.S. Department of Home Land Security's Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies training. The Special Events Security Manager services are added to your Events Security package at no additional cost.

Executive Protection / Body Guard Services

Protexia One provide protection services worldwide including hostile environments. The protection services are designed for all aspects of protection strategies for VIPs, senior executives, officials, public figures and their family members. In addition Protexia One offers protection to key facilities and events.  Protexia One provide protection services for VIP’s with seamless security and peace of mind, in order to allow them to concentrate on maximizing their business and schedule.

Protexia One staff are former members of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds: IDF counter terrorism special-forces and elite police units.Protexia1 Security Group takes pride in the fact that our Executive Protection Security Agents are some of the best trained and professional security officers in the industry. Each of our Executive Protection Security Agent completed an additional 40 hours of training to fulfill HITS Training Center Executive Protection Officer Level 1,2, and 3 certification course requirements.

Executive Travel Escort and Consulting

Whether you are traveling to the other side of the city or to the other side of the world; it is important to take extra security precautions in light of ever-changing geo-political realities.  Our teams of professional Executive Protection Agents help ensure a safe trip for you, your family, or your work associates. Protexia One Security Group also offers risk analysis of your trip plans wherever on the globe you wish to travel to. Our company also offers Executive Protective Agents available to travel with you to ensure your safety. We have a full line of SUV’S set up with state of the art communications system available to take you where you need to go safely anywhere in the US.


Anti - Terrorism Service

In today’s changing world and with terrorists now targeting soft targets in smaller cities; the need for Anti-Terrorism Agents has never been greater. Our Anti-Terrorism Agents are certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist through the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board. They are literally “the best of the best” when it comes to private security. All of our Anti-Terrorism Agents have a military and/or law enforcement background. Many have at least two years of experience of operating in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. All of our Anti-Terrorism Agents are required to complete a rigorous training program culminating in an 800 question examination. If you want excellence in private security, look no further. You have found it with Protexia One Security Group.

Disaster Response Infrastructure Security Team

A natural disaster can destroy a community and its infrastructure. It is crucial that you place an equipped and trained security team in order to secure infrastructure immediately. Our Disaster Response Infrastructure Security Teams can respond anywhere in Philadelphia in less than 6 hours and anywhere in the Midwest in less than 24 hours. Our disaster response team comes equipped with state of the art Disaster Response vehicles and communication equipment. Our teams can enter a Disaster Area and be completely self-sufficient up to 7 days without the need for outside resupply.

Training Services

We offer training services in the following areas:
- Terrorism Awareness Training
- How to spot and survive workplace violence
- Defensive Tactics Training
- NRA Refuse To Be A Victim


Necessity is the mother of all invention. As a result of the long and on-going history of attacks against Israel and Israelis, the martial art of KRAV MAGA was developed. KRAV MAGA was created from a combination of traditional martial arts: Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Thai boxing and others, which were modified and adapted to the Israeli needs. The IDF and the Israeli police force have adopted this system, and its implementation by the elite Israeli forces has been endlessly justified in hand-to-hand combat

KRAV MAGA is a ‘user friendly’ method, suitable for everyone, male or female, who wants to be able to protect him/herself from the unpredictable. Developed especially to provide protection from terrorists, it includes no cults, bows or ceremonies but is a tool for personal protection. It is not only valuable for people who are involved in all areas of security, but also for the general public who seek more confidence. There are several levels of KRAV MAGA and these are taught to the students as decided by the instructor, according to their needs and abilities.

Protexia1 Security Group offers a wide range of cost effective training opportunities to local businesses and schools. All of our training officers are certified Anti-Terrorism specialists through the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board. Our training officer can come to your location or training can be set up at an alternate location. We schedule the training around each client's specific needs and timetable.

Upon completion of any of our training programs; a certified instructor will issue a certificate of training to all in attendance.

Please visit our training page for details on all available classes.

Home/Corporate Physical Security Risk Assessment and Consulting
We offer the following risk evaluation and assessment for your home or business:

CCTV Installation
 Security Alarm Installation
 Steel Door Installation

Due to the rising crime rates for both residential neighborhoods and business parks, strong security measures for one’s home and business are crucial and an effort to harden your envirment is crucial. Protexia1 Security Group offers a Free Physical Security Risk Assessment. One of our certified Physical Security Experts will visit your home or business, upon appointment, and compile a full Physical Security Risk Assessment for you. We can also assist in estimates for any immediate weak spots or deficiencies you want corrected. Protexia1 Security Group will guide and assist in finding an adequate security solution to fit any budget.


National Security Management

Protexia1 Security Group offers a security management solution for businesses in all 50 states. If your business needs uniformed security, let Protexia1 Security Group do the leg work for you. Protexia1 Security Group will fly a Certified Physical Security Agent to your location at no cost to you. We will provide a full Physical Security assessment of your location to estimate what the cost should be for the security services you need. Once you decide and agreed upon your assessment and budget/price, we will find a local security agency in your area that meets our high standards and contract them for your security needs. From that point on, all you have to do is sit back and relax with peace of mind that your business is secure and protected.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Protexia1 Security Group offers a remote CCTV monitoring service to our clients that do not require a physical security officer at their location. This is a great way for our clients to save money while still enjoying peace of mind that their property or business is under the watchful eye of Protexia1 Security Group.

We are dedicated to protecting you. We strive to be Number 1 in our industry. Protecting our clients is our FIRST PRIORITY.


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